4th Grade: Chapter 5 - Collect & Organize Data

    1. BBC Interpreting and Handling Data  Students Tally and Total Results.  Interactive Website with Lessons and Practice in Mean, Median, Mode, and Range
    2. BBC Interpreting Data - Quiz
    3. Statistical Graphs - Online Tutorial/Click on the Type of Graph to Get a Picture Example
    4. Kids Have Pets: A Lesson on Using Graphs - Interactive Tutorial Showing Different Graphs
    5. Saxon Math Graphs- Interactive/ Answer Questions About a Pictograph
    6. BBC Data Picking - Game to Make a Tally and Frequency Graph From Illustrated Information
    7. Graphing - Answer Questions About Picture Graphs - Interactive Tutorial/ Record Baseball Information On the Interactive Graph
    8. BBC Organizing Data - Game to Interpret Data on a Bar Graph/Three levels
    9. Mr Nussbaum Ice Cream Graphing- Interactive Drag and Drop Ice Cream in a Pie Chart (Easy)
    10. Bar Graph Sorter - Interactive/ Make Your Own Graph by Clicking and Dragging Shapes in the Graph/ Computer Calculated Information About the Graph
    11. Bugs in the System - Bar Graph Practice/ Click and Drag the Bugs in the Graph
    12. Quizville Abigail's Marble Collection - Practice a Bar Graph/Answer Questions About an Existing Graph
    13. Quizville Hector's Marble Collection - Practice a Bar Graph/Manipulate a Graph to Answer Questions

    Make a Printable Graph

    1. Create a Graph - Interactive Graph Making Site
    2. Bar Chart Virtual Manipulative - Record Information On the Interactive Graph (Printable)
    3. Bar Grapher - Interactive /Make a bar Graph
    4. Pictograph - Make a Pictograph with a title, description, and Choose from a List of Pictures
    5. Details: Line Plots - Make a Line Plot Graph/Find the Median Mode and Range
    6. Line Plots - Uses Raisin Boxes to Count Raisins to Collect Data

    Mean Median and Mode

    1. AAA Math Practice the Mean- Lesson and Practice
    2. AAA Math Practice the Median- Lesson and Practice
    3. Mean Machine -Game to Practice the Mean, Median, and Range
    4. AAA Math Practice the Range- Lesson and Practice
    5. Train Race- Game to Practice Mean, Median and Range
    6. ELab Finding the Median and the Mode - Uses a Line Plot
    7. Mean, Median, Mode, and Range - Tutorial
    8. Mean Runners - Game to Calculate Mean, Median, and Mode
    9. Quizville - Calculate the Range of Information on a Numberline
    10. Stem and Leaf Plotter- Interactive/Calculate Mean, Median and Mode
    11. BBC Mode, Median and Mean - Interactive
    12. BBC Mode Median and Mean - Quiz