Welcome to Room 11!

    The students in Room 11 have chosen a different reward this month for their next Language Arts goal. Instead of a pizza party lunch, they have chosen to make a donation to The Red Cross specifically for the survivors of the earthquake in Haiti. Our class scored an average of 77 points, so $77.00 will be donated to the American Red Cross on the behalf of the students in room 11. I am so proud of them for making this choice!

    Our current language arts theme is Smart Solutions. We are learning from these stories that there is more than one way to solve a problem. Our school wide strategy focus is summarize and synthesize. Our learning targets involve describing characters, using prefixes and suffixes, as well as identifying important information. We are all comprehension experts!

    Again this year, our classroom has been adopted by East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina! This is year two of their sponsorship of the students in our class. Again, throughout the year, we will discuss going to college, including how we get there, why we would want to, and what college life is like. ECU has been very generous and has again sent us a box of goodies! The students at East Carolina also have written personal letters back to each of our students, and they have enclosed pictures of themselves on campus. It is amazing the amount of support they show us.

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